West Coast Hygge

Dear Reader, If you haven't heard of the Danish concept of "Hygge", I would be more than delighted to enlighten you. According to Forbes, National Geographic, CNN, and many other renowned sources, Denmark is reportedly the "happiest" country in the world. After sparking my curiosity and doing some of my own research, I found that… Continue reading West Coast Hygge

Oceanside Sunset Market

Dear Foodie, I have a little gem for you to check out this summer - the Oceanside Sunset Market. This growing farmer's market is an ideal spot to relax, enjoy live music, shop around, and try delicious treats from the local beach-side vendors. The Sunset Market only takes place on Thursday evenings beginning from 5… Continue reading Oceanside Sunset Market

UK vs. US – One Small Letter. One Big Difference.

Dear Mate, I must say, after my trip to Paris, I felt as if there were no other destinations in the world that would capture my heart in the same way. I couldn't have been more wrong. Despite my assumptions, I was nonetheless eager to partake in another adventure overseas. But I did not expect… Continue reading UK vs. US – One Small Letter. One Big Difference.

Excerpt from London

Location: The British Museum - London, England Date: 03/09/17 Time: 3:20 p.m. Background: While travelling abroad, I like to carry a small notebook and pen in my purse. I will jot down thoughts, ideas, or short "excerpts" of where I am and my observations. Here, I am taking you on a short journey to London. Excerpt: "I… Continue reading Excerpt from London

Tips for Writing a Successful Resume

Dear Job Seeker, I've had my fair share of job hunting and resume revisions. There came a point in my life where it hit me. I was going to graduate in one month, and I was still working as an underpaid intern. I needed a full-time job and fast. I underwent a series of resume… Continue reading Tips for Writing a Successful Resume

The Beauty of Parisian Culture

Dear Madame, Not a day goes by that I don't think about Paris. I grew up dreaming about the City of Love and even after visiting I still dream of the day I'll be lucky enough to go back. While on my visit I made note of several cultural observations. 1. Food The food in… Continue reading The Beauty of Parisian Culture

Secret Saltwater Pools

Dear Reader, The Secret Saltwater Pools of Laguna Beach are not so secret anymore. Want to know how to get to this tropical oasis? Keep on reading.     Preparation First things first, the only time you will be able to get to these pools is if you go during "off season". Meaning, you'll need… Continue reading Secret Saltwater Pools

New Start or No Start.

I had to start somewhere and this is my start. There is no particular reason or underlying cause for creating a blog other than to express my passion for business, writing, life, and travel. I've made several attempts to create a platform but life is so demanding of time that it can often be difficult… Continue reading New Start or No Start.